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The bus station

Leaving the railway station of Padova, the bus station of interurban lines is on the left..

The lines

The line that leads directly to the Agripolis campus is called E003. Many rides of this line have their terminus at Agripolis, the rest continue to Brugine and Campagnola.

Buses have on the front display “Agripolis”. Those that continue beyond Agripolis have also on the display “Legnaro”, “Brugine” or “Campagnola”.

The E003 line departs from platform 1 of the bus station. The stops in the map are blue.

Timetables from Padova Bus Station to Agripolis

Timetables from Agripolis to Padova Bus Station

As an alternative to E003 line to reach Agripolis you can use the rides to Piove di Sacco, Sottomarina or Adria.

These rides depart from platform 4 of the bus station, and the closest stops to the campus are "Legnaro Università" and "Legnaro Centro" (red stops in the map).

Timetables from Padova Bus Station to Legnaro

Timetables from Legnaro to Padova Bus Station


For the trip Padova - Legnaro you must first obtain a 2-class ticket (€ 2.40). Tickets can also be purchased from the driver with a small surcharge (€ 3.00). Payment must be in cash.

Tickets can be purchased in authorized retailers. The retailers closest to the bus station and the campus are shown on the map in green.

Bus passes

You can also buy a bus pass for the trip Padova - Legnaro:

weekly € 18,00

monthly for students (under 26 years) € 44,00

monthly for employees € 44,00

monthly ordinary € 58,00.

The weekly pass is valid from Monday to Saturday. The monthly pass is valid from the first to the last day of the month. The pass for students and employees is not valid on Sundays.

To purchase a pass you must require an ID card (€ 10.00) from Busitalia Veneto. The application form must be completed and presented together with a passport photo and a photocopy of an identity document (for more details - Italian)


Last update 17/09/2019